920199 Fluorescent Dripsticks Carton of 50 – 5-Packs each, no/display (1-Fluorescent Blue, 1-Fluorescent Orange, 1-Fluorescent Red, 1-Fluorescent Yellow, 1-Fluorescent White)


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Designed as a refill for retail sale, but can be purchased for large events. The Dadant Drip Stick is designed to allow even dripping and coverage are packaged like a crayon box. Also, these candles glow under Black Lights!!! We suggest you burn on a non-flammable surface with plenty of room–it is a Drip Stick.

Colors in this pack are : 50D – Fluorescent Blue, 52D – Fluorescent Orange, 55D – Fluorescent Red, 56D – Fluorescent Yellow, 61D – Fluorescent White.

There are 50 of the 5 packs included in this item.

Never leave any burning candle unattended.

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Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 21.375 × 8 × 7.875 in